I attended this outdoor boot camp and quickly became friends with one of the trainers, Troy. The current creative didn’t match the quality of the program and I saw the opportunity to do something really great.

The current brand has several issues.
1: Legibility; we read left to right. The “F” in the wrong direction is not working.
The tilt is throwing the balance/weight off. The “N & F” Joining in FIXED ON FITNESS is not legible, and confuses the eye.

2: Type; the current typeface isn’t BOLD and in your face. It is a little wimpy. I believe the new strong type speaks to what FOF is about. It is strong, it is bold, it is moving forward.

Solution: Go Bold
After completing a few mood boards, we found a style and direction that we strongly believed in. We decided to single out true campers and shoot them in their camp environment.

Using motivating quotes with strong imagery became the driving force for this rebrand.

My role: Creative Director

Photographer: Blake Jones

The Results?

  • A strong, consistent brand language that in now recognized in the area.
  • A new, easy-to-use, online experience for camp sign-ups.