PEX is constantly working with HIP to move forward with ideas that best portray their elite brand. Upon first working with this client, HIP knew it was imperative to bring about fresh advertising. Recent work we have completed includes a video revolving around the car itself. Their parts are introduced alongside of the car. Using the luxury vehicle to represent PEX’s parts, creates a link in the mind of the viewer between using elite parts for elite cars. The client wanted to represent the idea that PEX Sensor System’s are designed to the same standards as the cars they are intended for. While cars are sexy, sensors are not. However, they play a very important role in keeping drivers safe every day. HIP also brought about a fresh look to PEX’s marketing collateral.

Currently, HIP is working on combining traditional and inbound marketing for the campaign, “Is cheap really a bargain?” There are two end goals: to bring awareness to the end user of why PEX makes the difference and to build their audience, targeting who they are engaging with. This is done on social media platforms, email campaigns, and a mini-site created to bring awareness as to why their part is more expensive.

My role: Creative Director

The Results?

  • 45% increase of online visitors.
  • 300% increase in lead generations.
  • Sales team closing deals with CRM workflows.